HP 2133 Mini-Note PC  

The Mini-Note oozes confidence and a company at the top of its game. The style and finish is high-end and everything, put simply, just works.

Weighing 1.27kg, it's a heavy machine but the feel of the device is reassuringly robust. The keyboard is close to full size - HP claims it's 92 per cent the same - and is an absolute pleasure to use. The battery pack sticks out of the bottom, which makes it a pain to carry, but when it delivers well over three hours of juice, we're more than satisfied.

The only let down is the choice of processor; the VIA CF-7M, which is slow to run multiple applications. However, with 2048MB of memory, (and 120Gb storage) there is enough headroom to handle Windows Vista reasonably well.

True, this notebook can't compete with the original Eee PC on price but it's not trying to. If you want style, sophistication without making compromises, the Mini-Note PC is the only choice for you.

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The new jetpack prototype from the annual air show in Oshkosh  

Just three days ago was one of the greatest days for modern flying enthusiasts. Those of them and many others who were lucky to be on the Tuesday 29th at the annual air show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, could see the first public demonstration of the latest jetpack. Glenn Martin is the inventor from New Zealand who made his child dreams about flying come true. Now, when the flying gadget is considered safe, it is going to be prepared to be put up for sale. Most probably that it will happen next year when every person interested will be able get a personal jetpack.

From the age of five Glenn Martin thought of a private gadget that will allow ultimate mobility for him. He started to fulfill his dream when was 20 years old and it took him 27 years to build a fully manageable jetpack from scratch. No need to say how proud he was to present it to a rumbling crowd. 27 years is a considerable period. Many configurations of the jetpack were revised and the final one is of the 11th assemblage.

Glenn Martin was not alone to strive in competition against gravity. His family and friends helped him, encouraged him and even were brave enough to test the gadget. Mr. Martin’s son Harrison is the main test pilot. He is 16 now and has learned to fly before he has learned to drive. Harrison was also the one who run the jetpack at the air show in Oshkosh.

Don’t think about science fiction’s examples of jetpacks. In fact the Mr. Martin’s invention isn’t quite a jetpack to be straight. It doesn’t have a jet engine. This gadget is powered a little differently. Namely it is a very common internal combustion engine. Carrying power is produced by two large superchargers, or simply fans, drove by the above-named engine. Fully equipped jetpack, lets call it so anyway, weights 250 pounds or approximately 110 kilograms. The thrust provided by two fans altogether is about 600 pounds or 270 kilograms. To increase safety and stability, centre of mass is placed as low against the fans as possible. It creates a sort of pendulum effect. The jetpack is also equipped with shock absorbers for smoother landing and less vibration and with a small parachute just in case. Glen Martin himself confirms that it is not too complicated to handle the jet as soon as you are self responsible and not going to do something reckless.
To see the advantages of the recent invention we should compare it with other jetpacks. Practically neither of them before could stay in air for more then some minutes. Mr. Martin’s can fly for half an hour. About its abilities he says that they haven’t been pushed to a limit yet, but before going on sale, jetpack will face an enormous test of getting to a 500 feet height which is about 150 meters. That job he is not going to commit to his son Harrison. If everything will be OK, then we will see this jetpack in stores for 100,000 USD in 2009.

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Nokia N95 vs Samsung i8510 - which one is better?  

Nokia N95 was, and actually is, the most advanced smartphone in the S60 lineup. After a while Nokia released updated version, N95-8 which had 8 GB of internal storage and a larger display. However it is a mistake to think that N95 will be unrivaled. Samsung Company recently announced its answer to Nokia N95 - Samsung i8510. This smartphone on S60 platform has amazing specifications, and has all chances to become a real "N95 killer". Let's look closer on both smartphones (N95-8GB version and i8510), compare them, and decide, which one will be the winner of this comparison.

Design and controls
Both phones look very similar, both are made in form-factor of sliders. However, while N95 can slide in two positions, revealing multimedia buttons or number keys, i8510 is limited to usual one way of sliding. It is hard to tell, whether this is an advantage of N95, but it definitely is an original way to control your music or other media functions on the phone. Aside from two soft keys and dial / reject buttons under them, there are two unlabeled areas that look like buttons. Even considering them as unknown buttons, N95 has two times more buttons on its front, 8 buttons opposed to 4 in Nokia i8510. Both phones have 5-directional navigational button.

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Samsung F210 Review  

The F210 is a great phone concept. It's a phone/music player/camera in a tiny lightweight package. Weighting just 72g, it's fantastically light and it's so compact you risk losing it in your handbag! The secret to its tiny size is the swivel design. As you can see from the photo, when closed the F210 resembles an iPod Nano, with an LCD screen and metal jog dial showing. With the jog dial and side volume controls you can access the music functions even with the phone closed. When you want to make a call, you flick the phone and it spins open to reveal a full keypad. We're delighted to see that the keypad has a regular 3-column layout, unlike the F210's predecessor, the X830, which had a 2-column layout and was harder to use. It's narrower than typical phones, but the keys are a good size and pose no problems. Overall it's a really nice phone to use. The user interface changes depending on whether the phone is open or closed to display phone menus or music menus. The styling is gorgeous with the metallic edging and jog dial, and the use of specially-designed stunning screen graphics. If you want to, you can hang the phone around your neck, with the "lanyard", a kind of one-piece necklace that also holds your earphones.

The F210 is a great music player. It can handle all popular music formats including full Digital Rights Management. The Music Library makes it easy to manage your music and create playlists on the go. You can use the built-in equaliser to adjust sound quality. Audio playback through the loudspeaker can sound a bit tinny, but plug in headphones or use a set of wireless Bluetooth headphones, and you can listen to high quality music. The phone comes equipped with 1 Gbyte of flash memory, which is enough to store around 250 songs. In addition this can be expanded to a total of 3 Gbytes by adding a microSD memory card (up to 2 Gbytes). This would be enough for around 750 songs, making the F210 into a replacement for an iPod Nano.

As well as the music player, the F210 also has a built-in FM radio. This is equipped with RDS (Radio Data System), which displays the station ID, radio show name, song title, artist and more. Samsung have introduced a cool feature into the F210: use the built-in sound recorder to record a few seconds of any song that you're listening to, and the system will identify the artist and song for you. This is very similar to Sony Ericsson's TrackID™, used on its Walkman phones.

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LG KF510 Review  

LG has its new slim slider phone LG KF510 to be announced at GSM Mobile World Congress 2008 in Barcelona.It has a 3.0 megapixel camera with autofocus.It is slim,stylish and fashionable for the young generation.As 10.9 mm thick,the LG KF510 has a sleek stylish metal body with gorgeous colour schemes in either Sunset Red or Stardust Dark Grey.It comes with a 2.2 TFT display strenghtened with scratch-proof tempered glass screen.Thus,it also has multimedia functions like MP3 Player,FM Radio and also combines bluetooth and USB connectivity.Its internal memory is just 16 MB but can be expanded upto 4 GB with an micro SD memory card.


  • 2.2 inches TFT screen

  • 3 megapixel camera with autofocus

  • MP3 Player and FM Radio

  • Bluetooth and USB 2.0

  • Size: 104.5 x 49.5 x 10.9 mm

  • Weight: 110g

  • WAP 2.0, GPRS, EDGE, Google package

  • Talktime: 4 hours

  • Battery standby: 400 hours

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Download Mozilla Firefox 3  

Mozilla Firefox is a fast, full-featured Web browser. Firefox includes pop-up blocking; tab-browsing; integrated Google search; simplified privacy controls; a streamlined browser window that shows you more of the page than any other browser; and a number of additional features that work with you to help you get the most out of your time online.Version 3 includes a bevy of new features and changes, including a redesigned address-bar pull-down menu that includes bookmarks and history, a new add-on manager, the ability to pause and resume downloads, malware protection, a better password manager, and OS-specific themes.Firefox 3 also comes with a powerful set of tools for developers including powerful JavaScript and CSS error/warning/rendering console and a quality feedback agent for reporting Firefox crash information.Download

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